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The western town of Cave Creek holds strong to it’s pioneering history of ranching and mining. Scattered throughout the town are western bars and restaurants as well as many local shops that embrace the history of the great southwest. Some weekends bring out the horses and cowboys, while others have Harley bikers filling the streets, there is never a dull moment. Stopping off at the Cave Creek museum or spending time roaming through the rock art galleries are just a few of the many things our guests enjoy on their journey.



Carefree, our tour launch site, is as equally unique as Carefree in its own right. Home of many local artists, Carefree is full of many high-class restaurants, as well as art galleries and knickknack shops. Guests enjoy the beautiful mini desert botanical garden located just a few feet from our store. Carefree has one of the largest sundials on the planet, which hosts local activities such as art festivals and farmers markets nearly every weekend throughout the winter season. Additionally, Carefree has been home to many TV and radio personality is such as Dick Van Dyke, Hugh Downs, Bob Hope, Barry Goldwater, Paul Harvey, and Arthur’s such as Orson Welles.

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