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How long is the tour?

Most of our tours last between 2 and 3 hours.

Where do we meet?

All tours depart form the North Scottsdale/North Phoenix and Carefree/Cave Creek area. All trails are within 10-15 minutes from each other. You will be contacted on tour location.

Do we have to pedal? How hard do we need to work?


Not hard at all. Do you want a little exercise or do you want to kick back and cruise? Really, it’s your choice.

Are there restroom breaks along the tour?

No. Only the desert!

Do you offer hotel pick-ups?

No, we do not, however if you do not have a vehicle we recommend using Uber or Lyft. 

Should we tip our guides?

Our guides work very hard to make sure that everyone has an exceptional time and always appreciate the thoughtfulness of their guests.  Tip income goes a long way toward making Guiding a viable career option.

Can a pregnant woman take the tour?

This is entirely up to the guest and the discretion of their doctor. However, if you are experiencing contractions, we think you’ll have a much different adventure waiting for you at the hospital. You can enjoy a tour with us another time.  

Do you require safety helmets?

Yes, helmets will be provided and must be worn at all times while biking.

What size are your bike seats?

We like big seats, we cannot lie! We have the biggest bike seats we could get…You are here to cruise in comfort!

Are there stops and photo ops on the tour?

Yes! We will stop 4+ times for sight-seeing and photo-ops.

What should we wear?

Dress comfortably! Bicycle shorts are not necessary. We ask you to wear closed-toed shoes for your safety. In the cooler months, it’s best to have your outer layer be wind resistant. If it’s unexpectedly cool.


  • Reservations required.

  • Please call for tour locations, times, and availability.

  • All participants must complete 10-Minute E-Bike Orientation.

  • Basic bike skills required!! (balancing, braking, pedaling and shifting gears).

  • Electric Bikes are not magic carpets! 

  • All participants must be comfortable on a standard bike and be able to maneuver 50 lb.

  • Not recommended for individuals with back or heart problems.

  • Not recommended if you are pregnant.

  •   Not recommended for individuals who rarely ride bikes, are uncomfortable on bikes or have balance issues.

  • All tours subject to weather and trail conditions.

  • Weight limit is 275 pounds.

  • Tax and guide gratuity not included.

  • Custom and private tours available upon request.


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